Just Between Us

1983 was the second season of Cheers – the terrific sit-com that launched many a Hollywood career and eventually climbed to the number one spot over its eleven year run. Its tag line was “Where Everybody Knows Your Name,” which perfectly reflects the philosophy of another 1983 launch – Just Between Us – an Austin clothing consignment store for men, women and children.

Operating now for 31 years, the owners of Just Between Us know not only the names of many of their loyal customers but the names of their children, their dress size and their preferred shade of Miss Clairol. In 1983 sisters Lynne and Hollie were young moms and looking for a business that would allow them be with their children, one another, and other adults but wouldn’t require a huge outlay of cash. Given the dearth of shopping options, especially out highway 183, which, back then, was so rural you expected to see a Conestoga wagon come plodding through, a consignment store was the perfect option.

Moving to their current location in 1988, Lynne and Hollie have maintained their surefire business model that combines friendly, hands-on service, a 60 (store) /40 split of the sales, quality clothing and accessories that they personally select, and reasonable, consistent pricing. The Thrifty Snicker has enjoyed her every visit to the store located in the Pond Springs Plaza Shopping Center – an easy find just a few blocks off of 183’s McNeil Drive exit.

Clothes are sorted by type and size with shoes adorning the tops of the clothing rounds. Happily for the more zaftig among us, JBU fashions are just warming up around the size 12s and move well beyond those “average” sizes. A cheerful selection of sweet sundresses caught the eye of your Diva of Discount and with all priced under $20, put some spring into her summer! Most tops and bottoms are reasonably priced in the $5 to $10 range with no further discount until the item has been on the sales floor for 60 days. However, a quick visit to the store’s unusually informative and easy-to-navigate website will score you a 25% off coupon for a thrifty-licious fashion treat.

On her last trip The Snicker found a pair of linen Jones of New York pants and a brand spankin’ new pair of Nordstrom sandals. Best thrift wishes to the north Austin ladies who consigned those fashion finds! Guys can acquire their own attire at the front of the adjoining room that makes up half the store with kids’ clothes and a very few decorative household items in the back of that store half.

No matter which side of the store calls out, shoppers (and consigners) find it well worth their time to veer off the usual “resale trail.” The store exactly hits the layout mark placing clothing fixtures close enough together that you think you’ve hit the resale jackpot without having them so close that it’s too crowded or overwhelming to navigate. Her Thriftiness was able to return again and again to that darling Eileen Fisher unstructured jacket no matter where in the store she wandered.

The dressing rooms are a wee bit on the wee side but the store is bright and clean and parking’s a breeze – always nice pluses. The website really does justify another shout-out…that baby seems to be updated almost daily and everything you want to find is actually easy to find including that aforementioned coupon! For recorded information about consigning call 512.331.2999; for anything else give them a shout at 512.250.0746. Open seven days a week at 13233 Pond Springs Road you’ll see them at the west end of the plaza.

As much as it pains the Discount Diva to admit it, she doesn’t know everything thrift. What are your favorite places and best bargains?

Until the next find!

The Thrifty Snicker


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