Cosmic Consignment

Just when the Thrifty Snicker thought the East side couldn’t get any hipper, a new consignment store on the thrift scene is emanating its own cosmic rays over A-town and beyond. Cosmic Consignment on east 7th Street is the love child of Michele Leeds and Curtis Uhlemann. Happily for Austin, this mother and son duo is no stranger to vintage and antique furniture, house-wares, clothes and other groovy accoutrements.

As Donald Draper himself might have said, if you don’t like the way your place looks, change where you shop! And shopping at Cosmic Consignment will definitely bring some cool to your crib with its emphasis on 60s and 60s-inspired furniture. But don’t be taking your time…decorators, nightclub owners and set designers have been known to come by Cosmic Consignment and buy up multiple pieces for their own projects. The sofa your Thriftstress lounged on this month during a shopping visit might be the same sofa you’ll spy her on with a dry martini and her latest love conquest next month at the next It Austin cocktail lounge. Currently there’s a 1960s hide-a-bed that could have come straight from the set of Mad Men, an awesome 70s-style round glass table with red and metal chairs, and a pink dresser priced at $215. Speaking of Mad Men, Cosmic Consignment currently has a complete set of Mancioli Black Cockerel dinner dishes as seen in the Thanksgiving episode – just $500. More turkey, Bob?

Although mod furniture anchors several seating vignettes throughout the store, interesting decorative pieces, lamps, artwork and other fun and funky pieces artfully clutter every nook and cranny. Your Mistress of Markdown isn’t the only vixen kicking up her Pierre Cardin kitten heels around the Merimikkos. Marilyn and Audrey cast their sultry glances over depression glass, a set of avocado green Tupperware (feel the burp!), a selection of skinny ties, a basket of old cigarette lighters, a vintage roulette table ($225) and an armoire stuffed with leather and letter jackets. Carefully selected contemporary pieces enhance, rather than detract from the vibe showing countless ways to mix the old and new for a unique look – think David Hicks. Vintage sports equipment like bicycles and water skies are a recent addition to the store’s inventory. But what if you’re looking for just the right retro end table or light fixture and Cosmic Consignment doesn’t have it? Don’t fret! Just make your entry in the store’s wish book, kept right there on the front counter, as Michele makes it her personal mission to match your fondest decorating desire with just the right piece the moment she finds it.

Musicians will get a pleasant surprise at Cosmic Consignment as a whole section of the store is devoted to guitars and music equipment. Michele’s brother, himself a musician, works to help local artists by creating a consignment space for their gear. Your Bargain Blogger is quite certain this is the only store in town where you can get your Jackson and your Jacobsen all in one stop!

The Austin east side has embraced Cosmic Consignment tighter than Ted and Peggy so check them out soon and often. Better still, consider consigning a vintage piece or two with them yourself. It’s a straightforward 90-day contract and you get the lion’s share of the 60/40 split. Just send a picture of what you have to

No need to go far out to get your far out – Cosmic Consignment is located at 2604 East 7th Street, west of North Pleasant Valley Road. Currently the store is open daily but there’s talk about closing one day a week starting in June. Get the scoop on FB or just call for an update at 512.547.6549. You can park in front of the store on one of the city’s new brick parking pads – right next to Azteca Mexican.

As much as it pains the Discount Diva to admit it, she doesn’t know everything thrift. What are your favorite places and best bargains?

Until the next find!
The Thrifty Snicker


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