Nifty Thrift

Sometimes the best things are the least obvious – Nifty Thrift, Inc. a case in point.  Store founder Christa Graham saw an opportunity to use her love for thrifting to help others and by doing so has earned herself a spot in thrift heaven where designer fashions and hip house-wares are always 99.9% off retail and landfills stand empty. 

Your erstwhile blogger might have zoomed right past this modest store on the southbound side of Research Blvd. had it not been for the “Donate Here” trailer parked to catch the eye.  Fortunately she managed the turn without causing a pileup. 

 Nifty Thrift is on the small side but a sweetheart of a store.  Tidy racks of clothes are organized by color for men, women and children.  A wall niche holds purses and belts with shoes displayed below.  The front window shows off nicer dishes and crystal, which faces a shelf of clean, organized house-wares.  Not only will you want to stop and browse, but the prices will have you taking a second, even third, look.

 Forget the schizo-pricing often seen at volunteer-run stores…a big ‘ole banner says it all – shorts, shirts and skirts are $2.99, pants, dresses and jackets are $3.99 and tees are just .69.  Her Thriftiness would have happily paid $2.99 for the all-cotton, beefy tee in luscious lilac but it was just .69!  Wednesdays are sale days where for just $10 shoppers can fill a bag with clothes.  (Today’s Quiz: The $10 bill sports the mug of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury.  What other bill is the only paper currency with a non-presidential portrait?)

 The prices on house-wares and furniture help put the jolly in Jollyville.  Pretty plates are just .39 and on a recent visit, a shelf of festive plastic margarita glasses in a rainbow of colors was just .25 each.  Viva Tequila!  An attractive entertainment center was marked at $100 and a gaggle of golf clubs were also bargain priced.

 The store founder has turned over operations to a new manger, Carrie, who rocks the shop AND her great tattoos.   Carrie is super helpful and is happy to answer any question or help a customer find a needed item.  If they’ve not sold it yet, ask her about the 1967 Seeburg jukebox there behind the counter.  Unfortunately the store doesn’t have its own website but you can follow store special events on Facebook.

 Proceeds from this non-profit thrift store benefit Safe Place, and the shop is currently sponsoring a summer back-pack program for 80 disadvantaged Round Rock students.  These kiddos are sent home with enough food on Friday to ensure full tummies over the weekend when school-sponsored meals aren’t available.  If you want to help, donated goods are accepted whenever the store is open – just come on in any day but Sunday, 11:30 – 6:00.  If the store is closed you can drop off your donation outside where you see the donation center sign.   Nifty Thrift is located at 12636 Research Blvd, C-109, between McNeil and Duvall.  Number is 512.432.5906.

 As much as it pains the Discount Diva to admit it, she doesn’t know everything thrift.  What are your favorite places and best bargains?  

 Until the next find! 

The Thrifty Snicker

Answer: The $100 bill sports Ben Franklin.


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