Feeling lucky, Thrifter?

Next-to-New on North Burnet answers your question before you even have to ask – can I get it for less?  You betcha, buckaroo!  Just look at the price tag and the 25%, 50%, and 75% off sale dates are printed there for all to see.  Now the only question is – will someone else get this before the next price reduction?  This charity thrift / consignment shop uses a pricing method the Thrifty Snicker wishes was more common – the price drops by 25% every 15 days from the time the item is put on the shelf except for large ticket items that reduce after 30 days.  The magic dates are right there on the printed price tag.  Your favorite cousin’s birthday AND half off that set of Corningware?  Calendar that, baby!

The shop is unusually fresh and bright with plenty of parking.  You won’t be climbing over anything to see if that’s really a Heisey salt cellar what with the merchandise clean, nicely presented and easily accessible.  Like items are placed together and roomy aisles make browsing a breeze.  The Snicker was especially impressed with the selection of reasonably priced costume jewelry.  Although not much into bling, a bronze and brown beaded bracelet (Oh, the alliteration alone!) wrapped itself around her wrist and demanded to be taken home.  Alas, much of the furniture is dated and hipsters likely won’t hit the clothing jackpot here.  Merchandise reflects Next-to-New’s primary sources: estates and consignments.  However, that also made the clothing a little higher quality than typical of a thrift.  The Thrifty Snicker didn’t see a single Mossimo during either of her visits!

Like most thrifts in the Austin area, prices are more retail than garage sale.  A pair of dollar store candy dishes was priced at $15 and a flimsy wine opener was marked at $5.  Lots of fine china here, many complete with multiple place settings and accessory pieces.  If you can, hold off buying for 30 days or more since initial prices reflect top dollar. A set of six Waverly salad plates was $47.  But the retro find of the day was an op-art, battery-operated, madness-inducing clock that could have brought Timothy Leary back to life!  Far out!

Next-to-New is a ministry of St. David’s Episcopal Church and even Her Thriftiness was impressed by the list of 10K grant recipients in 2012.    That’s a lot of tchotchkes!

Wanna shop?  Next-to-New is closed on the Lord’s Day but opens at 10 a.m. the other six.  Closing time is 4:00 p.m. except on Thursday when you can shop until 7:00 p.m. and Saturday until 5:00.  If you want to donate you can bring your goodies by anytime the store is open but consignments (it’s a 50/50 split) can only be dropped off Tuesday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 12:45 p.m.  If it’s furniture, call ahead for an appointment.  Brownie points for their informative website,

As much as it pains the Discount Diva to admit it, she doesn’t know everything thrift.  What are your favorite places and best bargains?

Until the next find!

The Thrifty Snicker


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